Will Your Clinical Trial Benefit Patients and The Community?

Identify what benefits the trial might bring to your patient and community. How you will involve patients and consumers in the design of your trial from the outset?

  • Test your ideas with your colleagues, friends, mentor, supervisor, manager.
  • Seek support from people adept at systematic review, such as your health library services to explore how this trial will improve current services, but more importantly whether your question, your hypothesis has been answered before.

Who can help?

  • Each Local Health District (LHD) has a library and their staff can support you and your team by providing services during the development phase of your study.
  • Library services may include:
    • Identify existing systematic reviews on a topic
    • Recommend appropriate databases
    • Review existing search strategies
    • Execute searches across multiple databases
    • Develop search strategies for each database
    • And through all these activities, helping to refine and develop a research question into a clear, focused hypothesis related to the topic of interest

Library contacts:


Test Your Idea


Research Feasibility

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