Research Office- Public Health Organisations

Research Governance Officers coordinate management of applications for site authorisation and the oversight of authorised research projects. They are also available to provide important advice and support in the pre-authorisation period.

Functions of the Research Office include:

  • Provide guidance in research practices and the preparation of applications for governance review
  • Advise on compliance with local and jurisdictional police and procedures
  • Provide support to coordinating principal investigators
  • Ensure necessary and appropriate contracts, indemnity, insurance and service agreements are in place
  • Oversee the conduct of research and trial activities at the site including safety, GCP and complaints.
  • Considers authorisation of a project to access and/or utilise its resources.
  • The office can assist with general enquires about REGIS, your application and access requests for data and/or tissue.


Who can help:

Will your clinical trial need access to patients, staff or facilities? If yes, then you should liaise with your Research Office and any supporting departments in your organisation


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